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Sep 28, 2016
Ovidiu Petroianu

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25 Oct 2017 - Sesiune paralela de lucru - 11:00 - 11:45 - Search, Research, Discover and Learn with Ovid

The presentation held by Ovid during the conference „Acces la Literatura științifică”, 5th edition, 25-27 October 2017, is now available for download.

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Ovid is a global information provider offering information and knowledge management solutions to researchers, clinicians, information specialists, educators and students in medical practice, research and academia. Designed for novice users or experienced users who may need to refresh basic skills, this workshop will highlight the features and functionality of Ovid. The session starts with a review of the most commonly used biomedical databases and covers how the records in the databases are constructed. It then covers the Basic Search, Advanced Search and Multi-Field search modes focussing on the use of filters as well as how to map terms to database subject headings. Also covered in the session are Ovid’s de-duplication features, direct export of the search results into Word or a literature management system such as EndNote or Reference Manager, linking to full text as well as working with the search results in ‘My Workspace’ and ‘My Projects’. The session concludes by looking at AutoAlerts which are automated searches set up to run at time intervals determined by the user.

28 oct 2016 - Sesiune paralela de lucru 10:00 - 11:00 - How to get published in Lippincott Williams & Wilkins journals

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW) is a leading international publisher of professional health information for physicians, nurses, specialized clinicians and students. LWW publishes nearly 300 journals and newsletters in over 60 medical specialties providing essential information for healthcare professionals in electronic format on Ovid platforms. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins has top titles in over 15 medical specialty areas. Nearly 40% of LWW journal portfolio consists of society-owned titles where LWW is the trusted publishing partner. That fact makes LWW journal portfolio very unique in its value.

In this workshop session, Ovid manager will guide you through general rules as well as key tips & tricks on how to write a scholarly paper and how to submit your paper in order to increase your chances to get published in most renowned, international medical journal titles.

Top titles from Lippincott Williams & Wilkins:

  • Annals of Surgery

Affiliated with the American Surgical Association and the European Surgical Association

World’s most highly referenced surgery journal, provides the international medical community with information on significant contributions to the advancement of surgical science and practice.

IF = 8.569, #1 in Surgery

  • Circulation

An American Heart Association Journal

Publishing a combination of basic, translational, clinical, and population research, the journal publishes the most authoritative articles and details the implications for application in your daily practice

IF = 17.047, #1 in Peripheral Vascular Disease

  • The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery

The flagship publication within the JBJS product line. For 126 years, this journal has been the gold-standard in peer-reviewed scientific research in the worldwide field of orthopaedics

IF = 5.163, #1 in Orthopaedics

Despre OVID


Wolters Kluwer Health este un important furnizor de informații pentru specialiștii și studenții la medicină, asistență medicală și farmacie. Specialiștii și studenții se bazează pe manualele, produsele de referință revistele si cartile Wolters Kluwer Health.

LWW High Impact Collection – este o resursa esentiala ce contine 61 de reviste de referinta, cu factor mare de impact ISI, toate publicate de editura de renume mondial Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Aceasta colectie este perfect adaptata cerintelor actuale ale utilizatorilor.

OvidMedline – MEDLINE este indexul bibliografic pentru baze de date sau articole a National Library of Medicine, care conține peste 20 de milioane de inregistrari de articole de revista. Acoperirea este de la 1949 până în prezent.

Peste 5200 de reviste din intreaga lume sunt indexate in peste 37 de limbi. Sunt acoperite domenii precum cercetarea biomedicala de baza si stiintele clinice, inclusiv medicina clinica, sanatate publica, asistenta medicala, stomatologie, medicină veterinară, farmacie, stiintele de pre-clinice, cât și științele vieții, care sunt importante pentru practicieni și cercetători – biologie, științele mediului , biofizica, chimie și știința plantelor și animalelor.

LWW Health Library Basic & Anatomical Sciences Collection Premium este o colectie de manuale publicate de Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, ideala pentru facultati si studenti la scoli medicale, dar si pentru doctori rezidenti, doctori si programe pentru fizioterapie. Colectia este disponibila pe www.LWWHealthLibrary.com cu un set de 30 de titluri unice ideale pentru a sprijini un curiculum in domeniul anatomiei, microbiologiei, patologiei si fizioterapiei, dar si a domeniilor conexe. Colectia cuprinde colectiile de carti LWW Anatomy si LWW Basic Sciences dar si Bates’ Guide to Physical Examination & History Taking.

Continutul academic inclus pe platforma OVID este disponibil in Romania incepand cu anul 2008, fiind abonat atat prin programe multi-institutionale pentru acces la resurse electronice de documentare, cat si individual, de catre institutiile de cercetare interesate.

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